The author of the materials on is Elizabeth Whiteley, a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and a safe pair of hands offering you clearly explained, client-friendly tax information online.

Liz is a qualified chartered accountant with over 30 years' experience of helping small businesses and individuals with tax and accounts. She is the go-to trusted advisor for many clients and almost all new business comes by referral and recommendation. The result is a thriving practice and clients make multiple referrals just by being encouraged to pass on contact details by way of recommendation. The opening line of any client queries ‘I know you’re busy, but’ is always countered with a response indicating that business going well but we’re always happy to help.

Liz invests in regular training to keep her knowledge fresh and up to date. She uses this expertise to provide timely, need-to-know tips and proactive help to clients. She has always written her own client update material because there’s nothing available commercially which isn’t targeted at much bigger businesses than her clients who are mainly self-employed with service sector businesses and residential landlords, sometimes alongside employed work.

She has a policy of never sending inappropriate or poorly targeted information to clients who would soon realise it was not relevant to them and discard it, and that would do more harm than good. It’s a missed opportunity when there are plenty of issues clients can profit from reading about which add value to the service provided, build trust and awareness of other services the client might request.